Splendenti Eyewear protects yours eyes from digital screens


Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear can effectively reduce harmful blue light exposure from computers and other digital devices without affecting the visibility of the display. Our designer frames and clips are available without a prescription and not only protect your eyes from harmful blue-light but have 100% UV protection and are available in multiple colors and designs.

Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear helps to alleviate digital eye fatigue and discomfort when you are spending long periods of time on your computer, your phone,your tablet, web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights.

Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear reduce the most harmful types of blue light to help your body keep its natural sleep schedule. If you are using your digital device late at night and have trouble sleeping (sleep disruption) you should notice a difference immediately when you first use Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear.

If you currently wear glasses, Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Glasses Clips can give you the added benefit of a larger field of view for seeing your digital devices clearly. Our versatile eyewear provides peace of mind protection for your eyes, improves your experience, relieves visual discomfort and reduces eye strain with a minimum amount of color distortion during digital device usage.

With 7 special coatings including glare-reducing and anti-reflective, Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear is your best choice for viewing digital devices and is a must have essential tool for anyone of all ages.


Melanin in your eye plays an essential role in protecting your eyes against damage and adding visual sharpness. Melanin located in your iris filters harmful light, melanin found in your eyes inner lining helps to reduce glare and increases contrast while melanin deep in your eye protects sensitive retinal tissue. Your body naturally works to maintain the eye’s original supply of melanin but as you age this valuable pigment is gradually lost. By the age of 40, your body has lost approximately 15% of its melanin, by age 50 this will increase to a 25% loss.

Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear similar to your body’s melanin filters the wavelengths of high energy visible (HEV) in proportion to their capacity to damage retinal tissue. Continued exposure to harmful light overtime can cause damage to your retina and along with your body’s gradual loss of melanin, will overtime limit you eye’s natural ability to reduce glare and maintain sharp contrast.

Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear with its 7 coatings of protection including 100% UV, blue light, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-screen flicker and anti-fog, effectively filter and block light that would otherwise cause reflection and scatter within your eye. This protection will significantly reduce glare and increased visual contrast and provide you a better overall visual experience. Using Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection Eyewear daily provides a practical, affordable and convenient method of protecting your eyes and enhancing your vision.